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New Survey Finds Over a Third of Teachers Use Tablets in the Classroom

Read Conmigo, a bilingual literacy initiative sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, published results from a nation-wide survey sent out to 7,200 teachers and school administrators who participate in the Read Conmigo program. Responses show that technology is gaining importance in the classroom faster than ever.

To Be or Not to Be: The Tablet Transition

“Read Conmigo recognized early on that tablets are valuable and increasingly accessible tools for parents raising bilingual kids,” said Jim Gober, CEO of Infinity Auto Insurance. “We commissioned the survey to evaluate investments in resources like Read Conmigo ebooks and learning apps.”

The survey found that 20 percent of school libraries offer access to tablets, and one in five students are allowed to bring their own devices to school. Almost thirty-five percent of teachers use tablets in the classroom. Teachers use the devices for programs such as…

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