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Reading is the single most important skill a child will ever learn. Statistics show that 43 percent of adults read at or below the "Basic" level. This accounts for roughly 93 million individuals (NAAL, 2003). For the Hispanic community, the number is even higher. Read Conmigo, sponsored by Infinity Insurance, was created to help children, parents and educators develop reading and comprehension skills in both English and Spanish.

Quick Facts about Childhood Literacy

  • Studies show that children who recreationally read outside of school are more likely to excel academically.
  • Parents’ active involvement, such as bedtime reading, in a child’s reading development can increase a child’s classroom reading score by 28 points above the national average.
  • Low parent involvement in childhood reading development can lead to a child’s reading level dropping 46 points below the national average.
  • Bedtime reading strengthens the parent-child bond, prepares children for a good night’s rest, and helps boost childhood brain development.

By registering for Read Conmigo (for FREE!), you receive access to award-winning bilingual books, games and activities for Pre-K through 5th grade children. Read Conmigo proudly sponsors Bilingual Literacy Month during the month of May every year. We began this wonderful tradition in 2014. And for the 2015 edition of Bilingual Literacy Month, we are challenging families to enjoy reading time each day during the month of May. Register or login today and pledge to read with your children each day to celebrate Bilingual Literacy Month!