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Helpful Tips & Advice

Parents play a valuable role in instilling good reading habits in their children all year long but even more so during the summer season. Helping your children develop a passion for reading goes well beyond simply reading stories to and with them. Did you know that the simple act of reading your own books in front of your children also sends a powerful message to them about the value of reading?

The pace at which a child develops literacy skills varies greatly. Download these free tips and help your little one become a better reader. Each tip sheet targets a specific age group and utilizes the award winning books in our library.

Reading Charts

As a parent, you are naturally concerned about your child's development. Below you will find guidelines for literacy progression by age group. Remember, every child's literacy development occurs at different rates.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what you are reading. Without it, you are simply observing words on a page and sounding them out.

Children must be able to read the text and understand each word individually (vocabulary) as well as putting all of the words together to form a thought (text comprehension). This requires them to interact with the text, think deeper, analyze, predict and summarize what is written. Click on the link below for some helpful ideas for developing reading comprehension.