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Tips for Raising Healthy Children

featuring Dr. Leila Yoonessi

Episode 04: The Biggest Issues Affecting Children’s Health Today + Tips for Raising Healthy Children With Dr. Yoonessi

What can you do to raise healthy kids? Today’s guest, Dr. Leila Yoonessi, is giving us her top advice for raising healthy children. Dr. Yoonessi is a board certified pediatric pulmonologist practicing at MY Pediatrics and Respiratory Care Clinic in Long Beach, CA. Her practice focuses on community empowerment, community engagement, patient education, preventative medicine, and respiratory care.

In this episode, we discuss children’s nutrition, the recommended water intake, physically activity, and amount of sleep kids should be getting every day, the importance of sunscreen use, how to identify signs of anxiety or stress in your child, and benefits of raising multilingual kids. Dr. Yoonesssi is also a Read Conmigo author and her book is titled “David Goes to the Doctor.” She remains committed to patient advocacy, research, integrative work, holistic health, and non-profit work.

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